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Corporate Travel & Events

Taking your team on an excursion, off site meeting or planning a large party? Arrange for transportation to keep them safe and allow them to ride together.  We are experienced and have the capability to create a caravan of large cars or SUVs, or even a bus to get your team safely to their destination.  


All of our vehicles are equipped with on-board GPS, which allows us to quickly change routes when traffic requires it.

For every trip the cars are stocked with soft drinks and bottled water with lots of ice.  Choice of complimentary champagne or non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. Please feel free to bring your favorite beverages, too. 

Services Offered: 

Corporate Rates

Military Discounts 

Round Trip Discounts 

Same price for 2 people sedan service

Guaranteed Reservations & On Time Pick Ups 

Flight Tracking 

Our drivers will roll out the red carpets for all special events. 

All cars and drivers are non-smoking

Assured Service:  Know who is coming before they arrive. Your chauffeur will contact you prior to pick up to and give you his direct number.    

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